I can tell you as a matter of fact that most people when planning to go on holiday for safari outing, the destination of Zambia seldom come to mind! However, you will be making a mistake if you are so fixed only to Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, or just any other one. Meanwhile, Zambia is one of the top 5 safari destinations you can think of! It is in the light of this, that this article is centered. We are going to examine 5 awesome destinations you can head for in order to have a wonderful experience. The famous rivers and waterfalls make it an attractive place to be.

Do not get worried about you connecting the country. Yeah, there are direct flights from Johannesburg and Europe to Lusaka. On your getting to Lusaka, on the lighter mood, we can say that you may then decide to jump, take a hip or skip right into some of the wildest places of jungle safari. Of course, it is your choice! There is an appellation that Zambia is known with, and it is “the real Africa”, a home of the famous walking safari.


There may probably some questions that are agitating your mind as a tourist. These may arise when you are on the threshold of making a safari tour trip to Africa. Such of these possible questions are hereunder listed with the relevant answers to same.

Where can one find lions in the wild?

Africa South of the Sahara Desert

Northwest India

In the Zoo

A & B

ANSWER: - In this present age, where you can find lions are mainly in two places on earth. Not less than 100,000 lions survived in Africa, South of the Sahara Desert. Again, just about 300 lions, which are named Asian Lions, are resident in a Reserve called “The Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary in Northwest India”.

How long does the average elephant live? Considering the fact that they are the largest land animal and also ones that live longer. The species actually could be amongst the best in Kenya when you are about making a choice of these animals.