There may probably some questions that are agitating your mind as a tourist. These may arise when you are on the threshold of making a safari tour trip to Africa. Such of these possible questions are hereunder listed with the relevant answers to same.

Where can one find lions in the wild?

Africa South of the Sahara Desert

Northwest India

In the Zoo

A & B

ANSWER: - In this present age, where you can find lions are mainly in two places on earth. Not less than 100,000 lions survived in Africa, South of the Sahara Desert. Again, just about 300 lions, which are named Asian Lions, are resident in a Reserve called “The Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary in Northwest India”.

How long does the average elephant live? Considering the fact that they are the largest land animal and also ones that live longer.

100 years

60 years

40 years

20 years

ANSWER: - The answer is 60 years of average lifespan or if not more, and it is important to say that elephant is the largest and strongest land animal. It is yet again, the longest-lived animal that you can ever think of. The unique thing about this animal is that it is very healthy. The major enemies that an elephant has are the human beings. There is no threat to it from another animal like a lion which is known to be a predator. Considering the intelligence of Ape, how many species are thereof Apes?





ANSWER: - There are 13 species of the ape family, and they are chimpanzees, gorillas, gibbons, and orangutans. Many times, people often confuse apes with monkeys. However, the distinguishing features are that an ape does not have a tail as do the monkeys. Their arms are usually longer than their legs. Apes are found in the tropical woodlands of Africa and Asia.

The species actually could be amongst the best in Kenya, when you are about making a choice of these animals.